Rebuilding Trust – Morgan Johnson, MA, LPC

Rebuilding Trust: Guided Therapy Techniques and Activities to Restore Love, Trust, and Intimacy in Your Relationship

Repair, heal, and restore your relationship with evidence-based therapy skills, techniques, and activities from a respected trust-recovery specialist.

Of all the ways relationships fall apart, betrayal can rock us to the core. And yet, for couples or partners who want to stay together and do the work, healing is possible. The old relationships that no longer serve us can be dismantled and reassembled into deeper, stronger, more satisfying bonds than we ever imagined.

Rebuilding Trust features
• A guided approach to healing after betrayal whether from sexual infidelity and emotional affairs or hidden addictions and patterns of disrespect
• Step-by-step exercises and skill-building activities to help partners work together as they restore trust in themselves and each other
• Trusted therapy-based strategies and techniques from Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), Imago Relationship Therapy, and other evidence-based approaches
• Journaling prompts, conversation starters, and sample scripts to facilitate emotional processing and relational healing
• An inclusive, nonjudgmental view of relationship dynamics, making this book appropriate for couples and relationships of all types

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