Italian Lessons Fifty Things We Know About Life Now (Beppe Severgnini)

Italian Lessons: Fifty Things We Know About Life Now
Beppe Severgnini

In a thoughtful, intimate, and often humorous look at core Italian values held up and reassessed in the face of a global pandemic, Beppe Severgnini offers a delightful series of lessons on handling challenges and living with joy. “With unparalleled insight and brilliant wit, Beppe Severgnini’s book not only transports us to Italy but deep into the Italian mind and spirit.” —Stanley Tucci, host of Searching for Italy Is there an Italian way to deal with life? Can we all learn something from the Italians? Italy often arouses in Americans a unique mix of attraction and bafflement, moderate disapproval and incredible allure. From the Italians’ love of poetry to an innate desire to socialize to the regional differences between the north and the south, Beppe Severgnini, who has dedicated his career to the meticulous observation of his compatriots, embarks on an enthralling quest to identify a core Italian identity and explore how that identity has evolved since the global pandemic. Told with the warmth and humor of a longtime friend, Severgnini touches upon patience, endurance, and wisdom, and offers a one-of-a-kind set of timeless lessons for overcoming trials, the Italian way.

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