Perfect Phrases for ESL – Diane Engelhardt

Perfect Phrases for ESL: Conversation Skills, 3rd Premium Edition by Diane Engelhardt
Overview: A handy ESL phrase guide that helps you converse like a native English speaker—now enhanced via app with audio recordings of key expressions

If you’re an intermediate level speaker of English, you know that idiomatic speech, slang and other English phrases can create a barrier to conversing confidently in casual and work-related situations. In Perfect Phrases for ESL: Conversation Skills, Premium Third Edition you’ll find a phrase guide that allows you to say the right words at the right time in any setting with perfect confidence.

The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual: No Textbooks, Minimal Equipment Just Fantastic Lessons Anywhere by Andromeda Jones
Overview: Are you thinking about earning a living teaching English but you don’t know how?

The Ultimate Teaching ESL Manual is a complete English teaching system designed so that any native speaker (with TEFL experience or not) can pick up the book and start teaching.

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