Adventures in African cooking, south of the Sahara

Saka Saka: Adventures in African cooking, south of the Sahara

Named after the Congolese word for cassava leaves which pay an integral role in African cooking, Saka Saka pays tribute to food loving Africans and African culture inviting us all in to taste and savour the unique and delicious flavours on offer.

Africa is a continent made up of 54 sovereign States, with dramatically different cooking styles, traditions, and ingredients. In this vibrant and generous celebration of food, friendship and conviviality, photographer Aline Princet and Anto Cocagne, a young chef from Gabon, invite musicians, writers, artists and creatives from all over African, south of the Sahara, to share their recipes and bring the spotlight to the rich diversity of African food.

Saka Saka features a collection of authentic recipes showcasing the best dishes from Gabon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo and Ethiopia with information on its origins, key ingredients, tips and advice for the home cook on how to cook them to perfection.

Recipes include

Stuffed yam balls – Ghana, Nigeria
Black-eyed pea fritters with bissap ketchup – Cameroon
Yassa chicken – Senegal
Sautéed okra with mushrooms – Congo Basin
Savoury fish with eggplant – Congo Basin
Sautéed beef with spinach sauce – Togo
Banana fritters – West and Central Africa
Spiced pineapple with cassava crumble
Thiakry with strawberry coulis – West Africa
Gnamakoudji (ginger juice) – Ivory Coast
Kinkeliba iced tea

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