Reader’s Digest Timeless Favorites – Unknown

Reader’s Digest Timeless Favorites: Enduring Classics from America’s Favorite Magazine

A collection of heartwarming, thrilling, surprising and hilarious stories selected from nearly a century of Reader’s Digest magazine.

Certain tales stick in our memories and remain timeless as the years march on—and they shine like never before in this compilation from Reader’s Digest. Our editors have carefully selected narratives readers have adored throughout the past century; humorous slices of life in decades past, captivating tales of survival against the odds, sweet stories about cherished animal companions and side-splitting commentaries on everyday annoyances. Each remains as resonant and meaningful today as it was when it first appeared in the pages of Reader’s Digest magazine, such as
• A man’s chance meeting with Einstein at a chamber music performance, and another’s encounter with Hemingway
• A harrowing account of a courageous skydiving instructor’s determination to save an unconscious diver
• A woman’s first-person tale of remaining awake as she received a brain operation

In addition, the book features bonus material never before published in the magazine, along with full-color illustrations and inspiring quotes.

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