Build Your Inner Strength – Wang Jueren; Tony Blishen

Build Your Inner Strength: with the Chinese Philosophy of Wang Yangming’s School of Mind

Normality today is to be enslaved by the material world to the point where individual happiness has not kept pace with increasing material prosperity. Have we lost our original nature in the pursuit of the external material world? Wang Yangming’s School of Mind of nearly 500 years ago teaches us how to overcome external circumstances and seek the source of the great strength that lies in our innermost being.

Wang Yangming’s School of Mind is a gathering together of the achievements of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. It is one of the most representative and influential strands of Chinese philosophical thought and proposes that “conscience” is a cosmic prime principle innate in man that transcends all living things.

The lifelong realization and practice of conscience is the only path towards self-fulfillment and perfection of character. This book uses Wang Yangming’s principles of “Mind is Principle,” “the unity of knowledge and action” and “the exercise of conscience” to describe the School of Mind in simple terms to enable you to understand your own original self and go on a journey of self-cultivation that will gain you a kind of inner freedom and strength.