From Hurt to Hope – Mair Elliott

From Hurt to Hope: Stories of mental health, mental illness and being autistic

Almost 80% of autistic people have a co-occurring mental health condition, and this powerful book puts their voices front and centre, showcasing the human experience beyond the medicalised language and diagnoses. This poignant essay collection shines a light on voices that often go unheard in our society. Covering a range of experiences from multiple ages, genders and backgrounds, discussions include trauma, relationships, masking, healthcare, intersectionality and more.

The essays are structured along the topics of hurt (personal experiences and how they shaped the contributor), help (the tools and tips which have helped on their personal journeys), and hope (looking forward to the future). At times touching, humorous, and also enraging, this book offers a frank and honest depiction of the challenges autistic people face and the knock-on effect on their mental health. A challenge to change how our society treats and values one another.

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