The Brain on Cannabis

The Brain on Cannabis: What You Should Know about Recreational and Medical Marijuana

For more than 25 years, the renowned Amen Clinics has been a front line resource for brain health

. . . NOW theY TACKLE all your questions about how marijuana affects your brain—and the brain of your child.

Since marijuana became legal in many states, people of all ages are using it for pain relief and treatment of a variety of illnesses and ailments. But is it safe? In this comprehensive book, renowned psychiatrist and licensed prescriber of medical marijuana Dr. Rebecca Siegel delivers the most complete guide yet about the benefits and risks of using marijuana today. Based on the latest scientific research, this easy-to-read book busts all the myths and helps you navigate the sometimes confusing and often-changing world of marijuana. Within these pages you’ll discover a wealth of invaluable information, including:

• Why medical marijuana is vastly different than CBD and recreational marijuana—especially when it comes to children and teenagers

• Evidence-based information on how cannabis is being used to treat an array of ailments and conditions

• The difference between various marijuana delivery systems, including edibles

• Why marijuana-induced psychosis has risen 450% among current pot users, resulting in increases of depression and suicide

• How to talk to teens or young adults about recreational marijuana use in a way that brings you closer

• How marijuana affects mood, productivity, and overall brain health

• Long-term vs. short-term risks for teens, adults, and older adults

With a foreword by renowned psychiatrist and brain health expert Dr. Daniel Amen, The Brain on Cannabis reveals everything you ever wanted to know about marijuana so you can make informed decisions for yourself—and your loved ones.

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