Focus Cycle A guide to controlling your mind and body in Big Moments.

Focus Cycle: A guide to controlling your mind and body in Big Moments

The Focus Cycle takes a look at the science behind controlling your mind and body during high-pressure situations. We all instinctively know that when an athlete begins thinking negatively, acting negatively, and speaking negatively that they start to feel lousy and don’t perform at their best. The problem for athletes, coaches, parents, and people in the business world is knowing exactly how to get back on track so that you can avoid choking in pressure situations. There was a time when we thought that high-performing athletes, performers, and business executives just had an “it” factor that helped them perform at their best when it mattered the most. However, modern research in fields like neuropsychology has shown that this “it” factor is not something that some people are just born with, rather it is something that you can learn and improve like any other skill or technique.

This book is designed to help you control your mind and body so that you can perform at a high level. Don’t just hope that you will be at your best when the game is on the line, make your plan to be sure of it!

Ben Carnes coached his first little league baseball team in 1999 and from that day has had a passion for helping athletes develop the mental side of their game including focus, confidence, and more. He has worked with high-performing athletes that include high school individual state champs, multiple state championship teams, national championship winners, Division 1 athletes, professional football and baseball players, police officers, corporate sales executives, and more. Ben also runs a podcast called the Coaching Minds Podcast and has a passion for helping others perform at their best.

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