The No-Nonsense Meditation Book

The No-Nonsense Meditation Book: A scientist’s guide to the power of meditation


As featured in New Scientist: ‘Meditation could retune our brains and help us cope with the long-term effects of the pandemic’

‘Readers in search of an introduction to mindfulness that’s free of woo-woo promises should look no further.’ Publishers Weekly

‘For a boost to your wellbeing don’t miss the brilliant The No-Nonsense Meditation Book, which unites brain science with practical tips’ – Stylist

‘Steven Laureys’ book opens up exciting perspectives.’ – Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist monk & translator of the Dalai Lama

‘Laureys makes meditation feel accessible to everyone’ – Katie Hickey, Tipping the Balance Podcast

‘Clear, lively, rigorous and authentic… [The] book we have been waiting for.’ – Dr Ilios Kotsou, mindfulness and wellbeing expert

‘Not reading this book is self-defeating’ – Paul Witteman

Rigorously researched and deeply illuminating, world-leading neurologist Dr Steven Laureys works with celebrated meditators to scientifically prove the positive impact meditation has on our brains.

Dr Steven Laureys has conducted ground-breaking research into human consciousness for more than 20 years.

For this bestselling book, Steven to explores the effect of meditation on the brain. He uses hard science to explain the benefits of a practice that was once thought of as purely spiritual. The result is a highly accessible, scientifically questioning guide to meditation, designed to open the practice to a broader audience.

A mix of fascinating science, inspiring anecdote and practical exercises, this accessible book offers scientific evidence that meditation can have a positive impact on all our lives.

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