The Forgiveness Workbook Cultivate Compassion, Release Resentment, and Find Peace (Workbook Series 1)

The Forgiveness Workbook: Cultivate Compassion, Release Resentment, and Find Peace

Let go and learn to forgive
Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting what happened or returning to the way things were before: it means choosing to release resentment and live a freer, happier life. For anyone seeking a starting point on the path to forgiving themselves or someone else, The Forgiveness Workbook can light the way.
This simple and straightforward guide gets right to the heart of what forgiveness means and why it can feel so hard to do. Explore all the ways that practicing empathy and forgiveness encourages healing and growth, with activities, quizzes, and guided prompts that offer support for every step of the process.
Go deeper than other personal growth books with:
[*]Six steps to moving on―Find a road map of what to expect along the journey, with chapters that clearly break down the six stages of forgiveness.
[*]Focus on self-empowerment―Learn how a willingness to forgive helps build resilience, healthier relationships, and a stronger sense of self.
[*]The science of forgiveness―Understand what happens in the brain and body when you hold in negative feelings―and the benefits of leaving them behind.

Find strategies for releasing blame and moving on with The Forgiveness Workbook.

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