Smarten the F ck Up! Fix the embarrassing mistakes you ve been making your entire life!

Smarten the F*ck Up!: Fix the embarrassing mistakes you’ve been making your entire life!

Smarten the F*ck Up! is the result of 4 years of chronicling the most common mistakes people make when speaking and writing… and it goes well beyond grammar! This humor-infused book entertains you while helping to improve your speaking and writing skills so you can stop embarrassing yourself. It was written with a tongue-in-cheek irreverence toward grammar nerds, and all the grammar-speak has been translated into plain English. It uses simple examples with lots of humor, a bit of sarcasm, a touch of crudeness, a dose of politics, a little cursing here and there, and a few random expressions of humanity. You’ll also see an occasional rant, but just for the sake of entertainment, of course.Many of the smartest and most educated people I know make these common mistakes. You probably do too. Most are just things we’ve said our entire lives without realizing they were wrong. This book helps you identify yours! Consider this: People appreciate when a friend tells them they have toilet paper stuck to their shoe. They also appreciate being told when they have food stuck in their teeth. Friends usually welcome being saved from embarrassment, but unfortunately, most of us don’t have a friend who points out the embarrassing things we say. This book is that friend!It’s truly a book the average person can relate to and learn from. It’s also a great conversation starter when placed on your coffee table or in your bathroom… just check for missing pages every now and then. ;-)It’s time to fix the embarrassing mistakes you’ve been (unknowingly) making your entire life!

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