The Presidents Visual Encyclopedia by Philip Parker, Shannon Reed

The Presidents Visual Encyclopedia

Discover America’s rich history through the eyes of its commanders-in-chief, as well as notable first ladies, famous speeches, and major constitutional events, with this visual e-reference guide to the leaders of the United States.

US Presidents and first ladies have changed domestic and foreign policy, supported movements such as women’s suffrage and civil rights, and have led the country through significant historical moments that have shaped the nation into what it is today.

Pages of visual illustrations take children, adolescents, and adults on a journey through the achievements of all of the US Presidents. Filled with over 150 pages of visual timelines, kids will learn about the contribution each head of state had and the historical context surrounding their presidential term.

Learn about the 46 presidents, first ladies and historical speeches, moments that changed the course of the world- and American history. From the Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address, Abolition of Slavery, and both the most controversial and loved presidential offices.

An Essential Visual Guide to US Presidents and their Influence on America

This historical book introduces children to prominent US Presidents, notable first ladies, and prominent events. Beautifully illustrated to bring these pages of history to life, kids will learn about events that defined each presidential office from independence to the present day.

This visual reflection from DK Books will compel children to investigate further, understand history, and the important role US Presidents had in shaping it:

New edition updated to include the results from the November 2020 election
Perfect introduction to the subject for young readers, packed with bite-sized information and nuggets of knowledge
In association with the Smithsonian Institution
Includes a full feature on every US president
With additional fun facts about presidential life, where presidents were from, extraordinary elections, and a vice presidents timeline
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