Embrace Yoga’s Roots – Susanna Barkataki

Embrace Yoga’s Roots

Embrace Yoga’s Roots is for you if you practice, teach or want to learn yoga and integrate your values whiles respecting ancient yoga philosophy.

The Embrace Yoga Roots Framework shares four keys steps to deepen your yoga practice, increase empathy and create unity both personally and with the world:
• Separation: How colonization, cultural appropriation, and oppression results in trauma for yogis and separation from yoga traditions.
• Reflection: Understanding the causes of separation and our individual roles either supporting separation (knowingly or not) versus creating unity and equity in yoga.
• Reconnection: Exploring specific and concrete skills and solutions for living and practicing yoga as unity.
• Liberation: Integrate a more honorable and ethical practice in your life supporting personal growth by following the ancient teachings.

Lead the global movement now by honoring and embracing ancient philosophies, practices and lifestyles supporting a unified yogic state.

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