Recipes from an Indian Kitchen

Recipes from an Indian Kitchen: Authentic Recipes from Across India

Recipes from an Indian Kitchen brings you fantastic dishes from across India, with stunning color photographs of each finished dish. Prepare your ingredients, set out your equipment, and – in a few easy steps – you can make a batch of crispy cauliflower pakoras, steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves with cilantro chutney, or a creamy Indian-style sweet rice.

This comprehensive volume features simple recipes that are easy to follow and deliver delicious, authentic results. The informative introduction provides insight into the tradition of Indian cuisine. And recipe introductions give interesting background information and history of recipes, while atmospheric images from across India capture the mood of this beautiful country. The Recipes from an Indian Kitchen cookbook includes:

• Glossary of Ingredients: Detailed descriptions of commonly used ingredients
• Basic Recipes: Includes recipes for different pastes, ghee, paneer, and more
• Raitas, Chutneys, and Pickles: Tips and tricks on how to prepare and when to serve
• Snacks and Appetizers: From Vegetarian Samosas to Coriander Lamb Kebabs
• Main Dishes: Delicious recipes to feed your whole family
• Legumes: Prepare legumes in multiple ways to balance out your whole meal
• Rice and Breads: Rice is a staple dish in south India and is served at almost every meal
• Desserts and Drinks: Treat yourself with these authentic desserts

Share the tradition of the Indian cuisine with your whole family!

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