Improve Your Social Skills Secrets of the World’s Social Butterflies to Help Make Friends, Overcome Social Anxiety, and Sta..

Improve Your Social Skills: Secrets of the World’s Social Butterflies to Help Make Friends

According to the ADAA social anxiety effects 18.1% of the population in the USA – That’s roughly 40 Million people, and yet only 36.9% of these people get the treatment they need to overcome this.

Have you always wanted to improve your conversations, make real connections with people and build relationships? Are you yearning for real social interaction and deep friendships but can’t seem to overcome your social anxiety and shyness?

Are you looking to find your significant other but fear you’ll run out of things to say on a first date? Does your body language let you down and do you struggle to maintain eye contact?

Do you get anxious and stressed out around other people and struggle with day to day life like getting groceries? Maybe you get easily overwhelmed in group situations – or you’re looking at a way to better connect with your kids and improve their social skills?

Are you an extrovert, who has the bad habit of talking over other people and do you want to be more aware of other people’s feelings?