Essential Korean Phrasebook & Dictionary Speak Korean with Confidence (Essential Phrasebook and Dictionary Series)

Essential Korean Phrasebook & Dictionary: Speak Korean with Confidence (Essential Phrasebook and Dictionary Series)

Essential Korean Phrasebook & Dictionary teaches you the practical phrases and expressions needed for everyday interactions in Korea in a way that’s clear, concise, accessible and enjoyable.

Key features of this Korean phrasebook and dictionary include:Over 2,500 practical phrasesA practical English-Korean dictionary with over 2,000 terms and expressionsPhrases for technology, WiFi and social mediaEssential expressions used for meeting people, starting conversations, and asking and replying to simple questionsManga illustrations to illustrate critical phrases and situationsA pronunciation guide and grammar notes explain the basic sounds and sentence patterns of the Korean languageKorea travel tips, cultural notes and much more!

All Korean words and phrases are in romanized form as well as the Korean Hangul script. Basic grammar and pronunciation notes get you speaking right away, and tips on culture and etiquette allow you to interact with Korean without making serious blunders. Whether you’re a novice or have some experience with the language, this is a reference you’ll turn to again and again when visiting Korea and interacting with Koreans people

Easy Japanese: Learn to Speak Japanese Quickly!

This user-friendly Japanese language book is a comprehensive language course, pocket dictionary, and Japanese phrasebook in one.

Easy Japanese is designed for Japanese language beginners who are planning a visit to Japan for business or travel, or are already living there and wish to learn spoken Japanese quickly and easily. This book introduces all the basics of the spoken language, with an emphasis on practical conversational Japanese and daily vocabulary. It enables you to begin efficiently communicating right away.

Key features of Easy Japanese include:Structured, progressive lessonsFocuses on daily communicationNative-speaker audio recordings

All dialogues are highly practical, authentic, and illustrated with manga illustrations for easy memorization. Useful notes and explanations about the Japanese writing system, pronunciations and accents, greetings and requests, sentence structure, vocabulary, verb conjugations, honorific forms, idiomatic expressions and Japanese etiquette dos and don’ts are provided throughout the book.

A useful Japanese dictionary of commonly-used words and phrases is included at the back. The hours of native-speaker dialogue audio recordings, vocabulary, and exercises enable the reader to learn to pronounce Japanese words and phrases correctly.