A Companion to Ostrogothic Italy

1) A Companion to Ostrogothic Italy – Jonathan Arnold, Shane Bjornlie, Kristina Sessa
Brill Academic Pub | 2016 | PDF

A Companion to Ostrogothic Italy is a concise yet comprehensive cutting edge survey of the rise and fall of Italy’s first barbarian kingdom, the Ostrogothic state (ca. 489-554 CE). The volume’s 18 essays provide readers with probing syntheses of recent scholarship on key topics, from the Ostrogothic army and administration to religious diversity and ecclesiastical development, ethnicity, cultural achievements, urbanism, and the rural economy. Significantly, the volume also presents innovative studies of hitherto under-examined topics, including the Ostrogothic provinces beyond the Italian lands, gender and the Ostrogothic court, and Ostrogothic Italy’s environmental history. Featuring work by an international panel of scholars, the volume is designed for both new students and specialists in the field.

2) A Companion to Sardinian History, 500–1500 – Michelle Hobart
Brill Academic Pub | 2017 | PDF

This collection of essays is the first English-language, multidisciplinary analysis of medieval and modern Sardinia, offering fresh perspectives from archaeology and other fields. This volume is an ideal introduction for a new comer to the field, as well as the advanced scholar.

3) A Companion to Venetian History, 1400-1797 – Eric R Dursteler
Brill Academic Pub | 2013 | PDF

The field of Venetian studies has experienced a significant expansion in recent years, and the Companion to Venetian History, 1400-1797 provides a single volume overview of the most recent developments. It is organized thematically and covers a range of topics including political culture, economy, religion, gender, art, literature, music, and the environment. Each chapter provides a broad but comprehensive historical and historiographical overview of the current state and future directions of research. The Companion to Venetian History, 1400-1797 represents a new point of reference for the next generation of students of early modern Venetian studies, as well as more broadly for scholars working on all aspects of the early modern world.

4) A Companion to the Hanseatic League – Donald J. Harreld
Brill Academic Pub | 2015 | PDF

The Companion to the Hanseatic League discusses the importance of the Hanseatic League for the social and economic history of pre-modern northern Europe. Established already as early as the twelfth century, the towns that formed the Hanseatic League created an important network of commerce throughout the Baltic and North Sea area. From Russia in the east, to England and France in the west, the cities of the Hanseatic League created a vast northern maritime trade network. The aim of this volume is to present a “state” of the field English-language volume by some of the most respected Hanse scholars.

5) A Companion to Latin Greece – Nickiphoros I Tsougarakis, Fellow Peter Lock
Brill Academic Pub | 2014 | PDF

The conquest of the Byzantine Empire by the armies of the Fourth Crusade resulted in the foundation of several Latin political entities in the lands of Greece. The Companion to Latin Greece offers thematic overviews of the history of the mixed societies that emerged as a result of the conquest.

With dedicated chapters on the art, literature, architecture, numismatics, economy, social and religious organisation and the crusading involvement of these Latin states, the volume offers an introduction to the study of Latin Greece and a sampler of the directions in which the field of research is moving.

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