TIP A Simple Strategy to Inspire High Performance and Lasting Success

TIP: A Simple Strategy to Inspire High Performance and Lasting Success

TIP is an inspirational story designed to remind people in business, and in any position judged by performance, that the only way to achieve continued value and success is to take accountability for your reputation and your results.

In this entertaining, motivating, and educational story, Brian Davis, an average employee with a young family, is fired without warning for being average. Facing acrossroads in his life, does he take another uninspiring job to pay the bills, or does he challenge himself to take the necessary steps to fulfill his potential by being accountable for his own success? Facing the unfamiliar and unforgiving environment of the restaurant/hospitality industry, he gets the chance to learn the simple and actionable principles of TIP from newfound colleagues and customers.

At the end of the book, the reader will be able to have:
Enhanced self-awareness
Confident communications
Commitment-based actions
Fulfillment of a unique value promise

As the mentor in the book says to Brian, “TIP to most people stands for ‘to insure performance.’ But, if the thought of someone holding a dollar over your head is the reason you’re going to do a good job, that’s external motivation. No one ever succeeded at anything meaningful in this world by being motivated externally. To me, TIP stands for Take it Personally. A TIP is not what you get. It’s what you give. Do the work, give everything you’ve got, and you will be rewarded in return.”