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TIME the Science of Gender

It has been argued more and more convincingly that gender, and the roles allowed or denied by it throughout history, is a social and cultural construct. Continual advancement in neuroscience and social research has begun to offer a more nuanced and unbiased look at the complex landscape of gender. This special edition takes you through the various profound ways in which the concept of gender and its determinants have evolved.

Begin with the science of gender, the newest biological and neuroscientific findings that suggest, despite some difference of degree, a much more profound equality than many thought to be true over the last century. Then, consider the counterpart to the nature and nurture divide: culture. Sift through the influential, and often misguided, narratives that have evolved over the years about girls and boys in the classroom and men and women at work or in love.

Lastly, go beyond a simple binary understanding of people and consider gender identity in everyday expressions like language and toys for children as well as in the profound spaces of the heart and mind.