German Armies 1870-71 (1) Prussia (Men at Arms 416)

• German Armies 1870-71 (1) Prussia (Men at Arms 416) •
Osprey Publishing | Author: Darko Pavlovic | 20 Aug 2004 | Pages: 48 | PDF

The crushing victory by Prussia and her German allies in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870-71, destroyed one empire and created another. It finally unified the German states into an empire under Prussian leadership – an empire proclaimed in the very halls of captured Versailles. In 1870 Prussia’s reformed mobilization system put enormous armies into the field with unprecedented efficiency. The confidence which the victory encouraged among German militarists, and the intolerable humiliation it inflicted upon France, ensured that an even more destructive war was soon inevitable. This, the first of two titles, lists and illustrates the units of Prussia and her North German Confederation, the powerhouse of a formidable military machine.

• German Armies 1870-71 (2) Prussia’s Allies (Men at Arms 422) •
Osprey Publishing | Author: Darko Pavlovic | 5 Feb 2005 | Pages: 48 | PDF

Although the war of 1870-71 has gone down in history as the ‘Franco-Prussian War’, nearly half of the German troops sent to the frontier were from other German states – both the willing members of the North German Confederation and the southern states who were in some cases more hesitant about accepting Prussian domination. Some contingents had only one or two regiments – though these might be of high quality, like the ‘Black Brunswickers’; others provided whole army corps, like Bavaria and Saxony. This book lists and illustrates the organization and varied uniforms of all these allied contingents, most of which fought well when it came to the test of battle.

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