Get Out of My Head: Creating Modern Clarity with Stoic Wisdom

Get Out of My Head: Creating Modern Clarity with Stoic Wisdom

Are self-doubt and other negative feelings living rent free in your mind?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s common, even for the most accomplished among us, to let people, circumstances, and worries take up valuable headspace.

Get Out of My Head is a lifeline for overwhelmed professionals seeking direction and tranquility in turbulent times, whether navigating daily stressors or experiencing defining moments.

Author M. Andrew McConnell, CEO of RENTED, INC., shows you it’s possible to achieve clarity, make good decisions, and rise in your career, by illustrating that the human mind is not unlike real estate: adopting an owner’s mindset can make all the difference.

Drawing on ancient Stoic philosophy, modern science, and remarkable stories of contemporary innovators in business, sports, and more, Get Out of My Head demonstrates how to effectively allocate your mental resources, set mental boundaries, and overcome challenges by seizing ownership of your own mind and channeling adversity as a vehicle for growth.

The ancient Stoics recognized that the mind is a human’s most precious and finite resource—that it is the only thing of value anyone can truly possess. The Stoics also understood that the default human state is to waste our mind on trivial things. When we lend our mind to things that do not serve us, we are left with only remnants of our potential.

Throughout this book, you’ll find stories of high-achieving modern Stoics who have successfully reclaimed their headspace, as well as the tools you need to develop better resilience—a remedy to chronic stress—so that you, too, can transition from “mind rentership” to “mind ownership.”

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