Communication Essentials The Tools You Need to Master Every Type of Professional Interaction

Presentation Essentials: The Tools You Need to Captivate Your Audience, Deliver Your Story, and Make Your Message Memorable

Must-know tips and tools for crafting and delivering powerful presentations—from the new Essentials Series for business professionals

From one-on-one meetings to pitching to a packed convention center, knowing how to craft and deliver engaging presentations is an essential skill in every line of business. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to update your understanding of best practices, you’ll find what you need here in three easy to digest parts

PART I: THE ESSENTIALS delivers a thorough explanation of presentation types, structure, openers, narrative (storytelling), closers, and more.
PART II: THE ESSENTIALS APPLIED teaches you how to effectively use images, improve your online presentation skills, developing your signature style, and more.
PART III: BEYOND THE ESSENTIALS delivers guidance if you want to become a professional presenter and takes you through the ongoing journey of presenting.
PLUS Presentation Structure Guidelines, a Presentation Development Worksheet, a Post Presentation Evaluation, and more!
Packed with smart tips, effective tools, insights, and a skills self-assessment, Presentation Essentials ensures you’ll walk away feeling confident of your abilities and prepared to put your skills into action right away.

Communication Essentials: The Tools You Need to Master Every Type of Professional Interaction

A first in the new Business Essentials Series, this book is packed with must-know tools and strategies for the most important business (and life) skill of all—communication

No matter how great your knowledge, expertise or experience, poor communication skills undermine your ability to get your message across, achieve your objectives, and build crucial relationships. To advance your career—and succeed in other aspects of life, as well—building theses skills is essential.

In Communication Essentials, expert Trey Guinn takes you step-by-step through the process of improvement, from understanding the importance of message clarity to specific, goal-based strategies to develop and maximize your skills.

In Part I: The Essentials, he covers the fundamentals, from why and how we communicate and what effective communication looks like to how it can all go wrong. In Part II: The Essentials Applied, he provides practical advice on identifying goals, owning your message, and anticipating how your audience will perceive you, the messenger. Finally, in Part III: Beyond the Essentials, you’ll find practical tips to help you communicate your way into a job, improve your digital communication, work through difficult conversations, and much more.

Packed with insights, anecdotes, exercises, and Essential Takeaways to wrap up each chapter, Communication Essentials ensures you’ll walk away feeling fully equipped and prepared to put your skills into action right away.

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