Your Personality and You Workbook – Yael H Dubin MD PhD

Your Personality and You Workbook: Exercises to Better Understand Yourself and Who You Want to Be

Learn, grow, change

Discover your own amazing potential and explore how you can grow into your best self. Filled with introspective exercises, this personal growth book will help you become the person you want to be, with better relationships and a more positive sense of your future. From setting goals you’re passionate about to practicing self-love, you’ll find the tools you need to make meaningful changes.

Deepen your self-knowledge—Exercises draw from popular personality theories and contribute to the personality changes you’re working toward.
Embrace new perspectives of yourself—Learn ways to move past the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back with effective strategies like creating positive affirmations and overcoming the fear of appearing judgemental.
Find additional support—Complete this workbook on its own or alongside the Your Personality and You Journal for further guidance.
Become the best version of yourself with the Your Personality and You Workbook.

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