International History A Cultural Approach (Akira Iriye, Petra Goedde)

International History: A Cultural Approach

International History: A Cultural Approach offers an innovative history of modern international relations that stresses cultural themes. In place of the usual focus on great-power rivalries, diplomatic negotiations, military conflict, and other phenomena in which sovereign nations are the key players, this book focuses on intercultural relations as individuals, races, religions, and non-state actors interact across national boundaries, to provide a fresh perspective on modern international history.

Among the themes covered are:
– Nationalism and cosmopolitanism
– Migration
– Cross-cultural encounters
– Consumerism and youth cultures
– Environmental transformations
– Economic and technological globalization

Akira Iriye and Petra Goedde’s approach offers a deeper understanding of international history, focusing on people and their cultures rather than just state level interactions.

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