How to Think Like a Neurologist A Case-Based Guide to Clinical Reasoning in Neurology (Ethan Meltzer)

How to Think Like a Neurologist: A Case-Based Guide to Clinical Reasoning in Neurology

How to Think Like a Neurologist flips the neurology educational narrative on its head and attempts to lift the veil of neurophobia to show how neurologists use critical thinking and clinical reasoning to diagnose neurologic diseases.

This book aims to provide a practical representation of the modern-day practice of medicine, where the good clinical neurologist is no longer seen as somebody who somehow carries encyclopedic knowledge of every medical condition. Rather, they appropriately recognize and categorize findings, and then, having narrowed the possibilities, they do the necessary additional research in order to appropriately diagnose and treat the patient.

This case-based volume focuses not on the diseases themselves, but rather on the clinical methods used to identify neurologic diseases, and the method is disarmingly simple. The cases in this book are a fascinating collection of oddities and rarities, but the diseases themselves in this book are merely the vessel through which clinical reasoning is taught. By the end of the book, readers are empowered with a foundation they can apply in their own clinical practice.

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