Back to Life World History as Youve Never Seen it Before (Dorling Kindersley)

Back to Life: World History as You’ve Never Seen it Before

Imagine if you could travel back in time and walk the streets of the past. Where would you go first?

Incredible History turns back time to reveal realistic reconstructions of the most incredible locations and exciting moments in history. You’ll feel the roar of the crowd in the Roman Colosseum, walk the ramparts of the Great Wall of China, and ride the first railways.

Each story begins with an archaeological site or artifact. You’ll learn when and how it was discovered, and what it teaches us about how the people who lived at the site might have spent their days. Then, you’ll see the location recreated in jaw-dropping 3D detail. Using archaeological evidence, the people and places of the past will be brought back to life before your very eyes.

With each page including fantastic facts and extraordinary pictures, Incredible History brings together the best parts of history and archaeology to recreate the entire history of the world.

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