The 50 Greatest Engineers – Paul Virr

The 50 Greatest Engineers: The People Whose Innovations Have Shaped Our World

Nowadays, we take technological advancement for granted; much of what we need or want to see is available at the touch of a button. But to get to the point we are now, took a massive number of steps, some tiny, some giant leaps.

The 50 Greatest Engineers celebrates the great achievements that have been made through the ages and contains profiles of the best-known and most innovative engineers of all time Fully illustrated in full-color with examples of their major works, whether they be machines, buildings, bridges or life-changing technical innovations, this fascinating book explores how these men and women have beaten the odds to develop them. Chosen from across the globe, they include a diverse range of talent – from the likes of Nikola Tesla and Gustave Eiffel to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Fazlu Rahman Khan and the Wright Brothers.

This jacketed hardback is the perfect reference book for all the family to answer the question – ‘Who made that?’

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