Wine Talk – Raymond Blake

Wine Talk: An Enthusiast’s Take on the People, the Places, the Grapes, and the Styles

In Wine Talk, seasoned wine professional Raymond Blake, who has been writing about wine for twenty-five years, caters to those who want to drink their wine without ceremony but with some engagement. For those who have been put off by highfalutin terminology and forbidding ritual. For those who want the message simplified but not dumbed down and for those who love a glass of wine but for whom technical details are a turn off. Through Blake’s well-told vinous tales and anecdotes, readers will learn effortlessly about a topic that often appears a mystery to so many.

Sections include
• The fascinating process of vineyard work
• All about bubbly wines (champagne and other)
• Legacy wines, i.e. Sherry, Port, and Madeira
• Wines from Down Under
• The business of food and wine matching
• Wine gadgets and accessories
• And more!

This book makes the perfect gift for those looking to wet their palate on various wine topics.

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