Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Strategic Planning & Integration, Second Edition

An unbiased, balanced guide to all aspects of digital marketing, from social media, mobile and VR marketing to objectives, metrics and analytics. Covering all aspects of digital marketing planning and the latest models, the book also offers a range of tools to help implement your own digital marketing plans and strategies.

The second edition has been expanded to include new discussions and research on areas including digital privacy, types of influencers, social listening and the gig economy.

Key features

Supported by case examples from 28 global companies and brands including IKEA, Uber, Klarna and TikTok.
A brand-new case study on Strava runs throughout the book to help you apply what you’ve learnt to real-world scenarios.
“˜Ethical Insight’ boxes provide a reflective and challenging look at social issues and the negative side of marketing.
“˜Digital Tool’ boxes introduce professional tools, such as “˜Spot the Troll’, Hootsuite and Padlet.
The “˜Smartphone Sixty Seconds’ feature provides super-quick online activities using needing only your phone.
Includes a new “˜Journal of Note’ feature in each chapter, to direct you to a key source of further reading.

Worked digital marketing plan.

Complimented by online resources, including PowerPoint slides, and Instructor’s Manual, quizzes, recommended video links and free SAGE Journal articles.

Suitable for digital and e-marketing courses at all levels, as well as professional courses for anyone interested in gaining a holistic understanding of digital marketing.

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