The Fasting Diet Book – 3rd Edition 2021

The Fasting Diet Book – 3rd Edition, 2021
Overview: Fasting has long been a key facet of human eating habits. Whether it’s our hunter-gatherer ancestors going for long periods without a successful catch, or a self-imposed fast for spiritual purification, there are times when one simply does not eat anything. It can be good to take a step back from the traditional three-meals-per-day mindset, and really assess what we are eating. That’s where fasting diets come in. Said to bring about many benefits, including weight loss and improved metabolism, interest in fasting diets has skyrocketed in recent years. But that doesn’t have to mean you give up eating delicious foods – so long as you considerably reduce your calorie intake some days of the week, you can enjoy a normal, balanced diet the rest of the time. Inside this book, you’ll find all the information you need to get started on your fasting journey, including a selection of diets to decide which one works best for you. Then, browse our collection of tasty, super low-calorie recipes, chosen just for you so you can love what you eat and lose weight at the same time.