Rose Prince – The Real Taste of Indonesia

Real Taste Of Indonesia: A Culinary Journey through 100 Unique Family Recipes

Not having a restaurant tradition, when it’s time to celebrate Indonesians prepare the favorite delicacies of the family at home—and that’s where these richly varied recipes come from

Showcasing the cuisine of Indonesian families, who celebrate special occasions by inviting relatives and friends for dinner, this beautiful cookbook unravels the cooking secrets behind the most spectacular dishes—Crispy Fried Tamarind Chickens, Snake Beans and Prawns in Soy Bean Sauce, Sweet and Salty Corn Fritters, Coconut-Simmered Fish, Layered Spice Cake, and more. These are recipes that have been scribbled down and then passed from mothers to daughters and sons: highly original dishes from all parts of Indonesia and all kinds of tips on this fragrant cuisine in all its variety. True stories enrich the selection of recipes, from the mildly sweet dishes of Java to the spicy Sumatran kitchen or the Balinese cuisine, where the Hindu influence shines through.

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