Prepper’s Survival Natural Medicine Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing for Any Emergency with the Best Natural Medicine and Remedies

Prepper’s Survival Natural Medicine: Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing for Any Emergency with the Best Natural Medicine

Become self-sufficient enough to deal with emergencies using natural medicine!
Have you ever wondered what you will do if there’s no pharmacy or if healthcare is suddenly cut off? Are you worried about the increasing cases of drug-resistant bacteria and other pathogens? Do you have a backup plan in such cases? What would you do if medical supplies were cut off? What if you cannot get medical attention? Well, this is where the concept of prepping by using natural medicine steps into the picture.

By being a prepper, you can ensure survival even if the worst-case scenario comes true. Even if you don’t have access to medical attention or medicine, turning to natural remedies is your best bet. A wonderful thing about natural medicine is it is everywhere, and anyone can practice it. From growing herbs in your garden to foraging natural medicinal plants in the wild, there’s a lot you can do. Simply storing the needed items at home gives you and your loved ones a better chance of making it through unfavorable circumstances.

In this book, you will learn about:

The basic concepts of prepping and survival
Why you should learn about natural medicine and herbal remedies
The basic skills needed to make natural medicine at home
Supplies needed to learn and practice natural medicine and herbal remedies
List of essential and helpful medicinal plants and herbs
Recipes to make natural medicine
Basic concepts all preppers must remember, and much more!

Practical Survival Skills: Nature’s Larder – Wild foods survival guide

With this comprehensive wilderness food guide, you can guarantee your survival and eat well in the wild
The simple fact of life is — everyone has to eat.

But what happens if you get lost in the wilderness without supplies to help you survive…

Or a natural disaster suddenly cuts you off from modern conveniences and help services…

What if a camping, hiking, or a weekend outdoor trip ends up in an emergency where you have to fend for yourself in the great outdoors…

The truth is, you only have a limited amount of time before you become just another statistic.

Without protein from food, energy levels will quickly plummet.

Without vitamins, the immune system weakens and wounds heal slower.

And without water, you can only last 3 days.

Luckily, living off the land is a technique that has been successfully practiced for centuries.

Nature already has everything you need to survive.

You just need to know where to look for food, how to identify what will save you and what will kill you, and how to gather it at no risk to your safety.

Nature’s larder is abundant in all kinds of nourishing treats.

But there are also a number of look-alike poisonous species you need to know about.

Having the skill to identify the treacherous twins could mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

Being able to light a fire without a match will not only keep you warm, but it will also help you to disinfect, cook, and enjoy the food you gather.

And knowing how to purify water for cooking and drinking purposes will keep you healthy and strong, for as long as your survival situation lasts.

In Practical Survival Skills, you will discover:

A portable guide with essential information on how to discover the abundance that nature’s larder has to offer
How to perform the universal edibility test — discover the poisonous species before it’s too late
The basic foraging and bushcraft skills for every survivalist, hiker, and outdoor enthusiast out there
The easy plant identification technique — discover edible plant families and know what NOT to forage
How to make your own tools and utensils, traps and weapons, and cooking equipment absolutely from scratch
Everything you need to know to find, gather, and purify water that’s drinkable if you get lost in the wilderness for a long time
A comprehensive survival foods index with plants, berries, roots, herbs, and protein sources you can find anywhere around the world
And much more.

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