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Human Aging: From Cellular Mechanisms to Therapeutic Strategies

Human Aging: From Cellular Mechanisms to Therapeutic Strategies offers an exhaustive picture of all the biological aspects of human aging by describing the key mechanisms associated with human aging and covering events that could disrupt the normal course of aging. Each chapter includes a summary of the salient points covered, along with futures prospects. The book provides readers with the information they need to gain or deepen the skills needed to evaluate the mechanisms of aging and age-related diseases and to monitor the effectiveness of therapies aimed at slowing aging.
The book encourages PhD and Postdoc students, researchers, health professionals and others interested in the biology of aging to explore the fascinating and challenging questions about why and how we age as well as what can and cannot be done about it.
[*]Concentrates on different processes, e.g., oxidative stress, cellular senescence and Inflammaging
[*]Offers the ability to access cross-sectional knowledge more easily
[*]Written by expert researchers in biogerontology who are actively involved in various fields within aging research

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