How To Live

How To Live: 27 Conflicting Answers and One Weird Conclusion

From the author of ‘Anything You Want’, ‘Hell Yeah or No’, and ‘Your Music and People’, comes a book offering 27 different answers to the question of how to live your life. A pioneer in the music business and creator of CD Baby, Derek Sivers spent 4 years of his life condensing everything he’d ever learned into this work, seeking to succinctly answer one of life’s biggest questions: ‘How To Live’. Sivers offers thought-provoking (and often contradictory) advice on being independent, commitment, broadening experience, minimalism and the art of doing nothing, thinking long term, connecting with the world, making memories, mastery of skills, the advantage of randomness, pursuing pain, instant gratification and doing what you want now, being a famous pioneer, chasing the future, the value of what has endured, learning, following great teachings, laughing and humor in life, preparing for the worst, living for others, getting rich, reinventing yourself, love, creativity, staying alive, making mistakes, making change, and life balance.

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