Ciao, Tiramisu! Discovering the Secret to Tiramisu in 25 Recipes

Ciao, Tiramisu!: Discovering the Secret to Tiramisu in 25 Recipes

Ciao! Welcome to our Cucina (kitchen in Italian)! Have you not heard? We’ve moved to Rome in search of Italy’s most delicious and unconventional tiramisu recipes! All you need are a couple of simple ingredients, and we’ll be well on our way to making the best tiramisu you’ve ever had. After all, if you didn’t love this Italian dessert, you wouldn’t be looking for a tiramisu cookbook. That’s right!
With “Ciao, Tiramisu!” we’ll be showing you all of the tips and tricks we picked up in Italy to whip out a perfect, mind-blowingly delicious tiramisu every single time. And why settle for one traditional recipe when you can try 25 equally delicious takes on the same dessert? Let’s get started!

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