Becoming a Peaceful Powered Leader – Jared Narlock

Becoming a Peaceful Powered Leader: How to Shed Fear, Live Courageously, and Own Your Peace

Leaders are trying to bring their best while organizations often put emphasis on results, before people. It doesn’t have to be this way and the answer is here!

Becoming a Peaceful Powered Leader provides tools, research, and experienced advice provided to demolish the slag weighing leaders down and become a truly peaceful powered version of themselves. Becoming a Peaceful Powered Leader shares six actionable steps that help individuals own their peace. In this journey, leaders will dive into reflection, exercises and application in the six areas of Becoming A Peaceful Powered Leader. While Becoming a Peaceful Powered Leader is written to connect primarily with those in leadership roles, it is also built to connect to any individual seeking inner peace in their life and provides a method for leaders to transfer the process to their team members. It aims to, and delivers on, solving the problem of needing more time, struggling to stay connected to values, and building engagement in the workplace and beyond!