Year in the Life of Ancient Greece

A Year in the Life of Ancient Greece: The Real Lives of the People Who Lived There

Spend a year in the company of the ancient Greeks during an historic and triumphant Olympic year, and experience the drama and excitement that swept through the city-states as they put aside their political differences to prepare for victory in Olympia.

The year is 248 BC, the year of the 133rd Olympic Games. A diverse cast of characters is heading for Olympia to participate at the Games, to watch the events, or to make money from the huge crowds.

At this time the Hellenistic world is at its peak, with Greek settlements spread across the Middle East, Egypt and Spain. As ever, the world is politically troubled, with Rome locked in a war with Carthage, and a major war brewing between Egypt and Syria. However, ordinary people are still preoccupied with the crops, their everyday jobs, household affairs – and in some cases, with winning an Olympic crown.

From the powerful but untrained wrestler who is taken in hand by a former champion to the chariot team manager who is prepared to win at all costs, from the diplomat who is using the Games as a cover to engage in political skulduggery to the Spartan boy who is tragically injured in a mock battle before he can compete, A Year in in the Life of Ancient Greece takes us through a remarkable year to reveal a complex and vivid cast of characters during this fascinating period of ancient history.