Tackling and Overcoming Social Anxiety Ac – Hugh Robinson

Tackling and Overcoming Social Anxiety: Actionable Techniques For Overcoming Social Anxiety, Shyness and Stress

Many people suffer from social anxiety. For such people, participating in various social situations is a real and constant struggle. The manifestations of social anxiety vary from person to person, but hardly is it ever pleasant. But what if you can gain control over your social anxiety and exude comfort in social situations?

Different people experience social anxiety in a variety of degrees. For some it’s quivery hands or a racing heart or blanking out on the first date with a prospective partner because of the aforementioned issues; for others it’s even more severe, affecting their ability to function in various social situations.

Because we humans are social creatures, you will more often than not be thrust into social situations. If this doesn’t happen in your personal life, it will be required of you in your professional life. As such, it’s essential to harness the tools that can help you gain control over social anxiety.

In this book, Tackling and Overcoming Social Anxiety, some of the insights you gain include:

• The misconceptions of social anxiety
• The different ways in which social anxiety presents itself
• Mental tools for overcoming your social anxiety
• Journaling techniques for tracking your social anxiety patterns and re-orientating your mind
• Meditation and mindfulness for social anxiety
• Exercises, such as the vagus nerve exercise, to help combat anxiety
• Tools for getting the best out of therapy.

The right tools are always what’s needed to tackle any issue and nip it in the bud. Insights from this book will equip you with the right tools to fully understand your social anxiety, take action towards tackling social phobias and gain more control over seemingly daunting social situations.