Beijing Review – Vol. 64 No. 47, November 25, 2021
Overview: Beijing Review is China’s only national newsmagazine in English. It is published every week in Beijing, by the China International Publishing Group (CIPG). Launched in March 1958, Beijing Review reports and comments on the country’s social, political, economic and cultural affairs, policy changes and latest developments. It also offers in-depth analysis on major regional and international events, and provides consulting and information services.

Shares Magazine – Vol. 23 Issue 46, 25 November 2021
Overview: Shares magazine is a weekly publication aimed at the serious private investor, and can help you make the most out of your investment during these volatile times.

Moneyweek – Issue 1079, 26 November 2021
Overview: MoneyWeek is the UK’s best-selling financial magazine. Since its launch in 2000, the brand has developed a superb reputation for independence, consumer focus and investment advice. It offers intelligent, easy-to-read analysis of the financial news, with practical investment advice and tips.

USA Today Weekend – November 26/28, 2021
The Week UK – Issue 1359, 27 November 2021
TIME for Kids Family (Age 5+) – Vol. 12, No 10, Dec/Jan 2022
Overview: TIME for Kids builds the critical reading skills kids need to succeed in the information era.

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