An Audience of One – Jamie Turner

An Audience of One: Drive Superior Results by Making the Radical Shift from Mass Marketing to One-to-One Marketing

The breakthrough marketing strategy today’s leading companies are using to change consumer behavior and drive revenue to the bottom line

One-to-one marketing is the breakthrough strategy today’s top brands are using to generate meaningful conversations with customers on an individual basis, helping them grow their revenue while understanding and even anticipating consumer behavior. But with that enormous potential comes a common pitfall: Alienating customers who value their privacy.

In An Audience of One, internationally recognized marketing experts Jamie Turner and Chuck Moxley reveal the secrets to implementing a strategy that allows you to use important data while respecting consumers’ privacy concerns.

In chapter after chapter of real-life cases and primary research, you’ll learn:
• Which brands are using one-to-one marketing, and how they leverage it for growth
• The important role privacy plays in a one-to-one marketing campaign
• What fears consumers have about privacy—and how address those concerns
• How to calculate the ROI of a one-to-one marketing campaign
• Why the traditional sales funnel no longer works—and what’s replacing it
• Surprising insights about how the customer journey can be leveraged to grow sales
• How to create consumer profiles—without invading your customers’ privacy

If you’re a marketing professional, C-level executive, an entrepreneur or leader in any consumer-facing business, understanding one-to-one marketing—and learning how to use it properly—is critical to your brand’s success. An Audience of One will give you the in-depth understanding you need and provide a hands-on, actionable roadmap to take your marketing to the next level.