Travel the World in Street Food Popular Street Food Recipes from Around the Globe

Travel the World in Street Food: Popular Street Food Recipes from Around the Globe

Travel-savvy individuals discover a lot of things in their destinations. Interestingly, they learn the lifestyles and cultures best when they head for the streets and taste the various delicacies on offer.
Street food provides authenticity like no other. It draws people to the most revealing discoveries—the very essence of the culture it represents. Partaking in a street food fair is a great way to explore. It will feed your soul more than it feeds your stomach. In this cookbook, we wish to impart to you some brilliant discoveries of varying cultures as expressed through impressive culinary encounters.

When we say street food, we meant mostly inexpensive, easy-to-eat and easy-to-love dishes that are sold along the streets, in hawker food courts, festival fairs, fresh markets, and whatnots. Get ready to drool with the tastiest finds matched with destination discoveries, which will allow you to ‘travel the world in street food,’ so to speak.