Super Science Encyclopedia How Science Shapes Our World by Dorling Kindersley

Super Science Encyclopedia: How Science Shapes Our World
Dorling Kindersley

A comprehensive science encyclopedia which focuses on incredible scientific wonders from the supermassive to the microscopic. Put your safety goggles on and enter the fascinating world of science with this visually stunning encyclopedia. Perfect for curious kids, SuperScience presents the wonders of science as never seen before. Explore the most amazing science through jaw-dropping photography and exciting computer-generated images. Zoom into the inner workings of an atom, discover how photosynthesis makes the world go around, and zip into the future in a flying car. The book features the latest discoveries and most superlative examples of each topic in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and technology, and looks to the future in all of these categories, too. Computer-generated images show things usually hidden or not visible to the naked eye–such as what happens in a chemical reaction, how super-fast animals like cheetahs run at breakneck speeds, or why gravity waves are important. SuperScience is a feast for the eyes that will make young readers see the science surrounding us in a thrilling new light.