No-Nonsense Zen for Beginners by Jason Quinn

No-Nonsense Zen for Beginners: Clear Answers to Burning Questions About Core Zen Teachings

Live mindfully through Zen Buddhism

What is Zen? Are there different types? How can you make it part of everyday life? No-Nonsense Zen for Beginners offers an easy starting point to living more intentionally through Zen. Starting with the basics―like what Zen is and how it spread across the globe―experienced Zen instructor Jason Quinn teaches and explores how anyone can use it to live a life filled with more clarity, love, and compassion.

Go beyond other meditation books with:

• A four-part approach―Take things one step at a time as you learn about the history of Zen, important concepts, core teachings, and essential practices.
• Straightforward Q&A―Understand the basics of Zen with a simple format that breaks information down into easy, digestible questions and answers.
• Everyday Zen―Find stories and guidance that show how the principles of Zen can help bring peace in day-to-day life.
• Learn to live more intentionally through Zen thanks to this no-nonsense guide.