Comedy Sex God by Pete Holmes

Comedy Sex God
Pete Holmes

Part autobiography, part philosophical inquiry, and part spiritual quest, Comedy Sex God is a hilarious, profound, and enlightening romp around the fertile mind of stand-up stand-out, podcast king, and HBO superstar Pete Holmes.

Pete Holmes is the host of the hugely successful podcast, You Made It Weird; a sold-out-every-night stand-up comedian with two HBO specials, and the creator/star of the hit HBO show “Crashing.” But it wasn’t always roses for Pete. Raised an evangelical Christian, Pete’s religion taught him that being “bad” – smoking, drinking, having doubts or pre-marital sex – would get him sent to an eternity in Hell, so, terrified of the God he loved, Pete devoted his life to being “good,” even marrying his first girlfriend at the age of twenty-two only to discover a few years later he was being cheated on. Thanks for nothing, God.

Pete’s failed attempt at a picture-perfect life forced him to re-examine his beliefs, but neither atheism, Christianity, nor copious bottles of Yellow Tail led him to enlightenment. Pete longed for a model of faith that served him and his newfound uncertainties about the universe, so he embarked on a soul-seeking journey that continues to this day. Through encounters with mind-altering substances; honing his craft in front of thousands of his comedy fans; and spending time with spiritual savants like Ram Dass, Pete forged a new life—both spiritually and personally.

Beautifully written, spiritually profound, and often completely hilarious – imagine Ram Dass’ Be Here Now if written by one of the funniest men alive – Comedy Sex God reveals a man at the top of his game, and a seeker in search of the deeper meanings of life, love, and comedy.