300 Asian Recipes Variety Of Delicious Cuisine Dishes from All Asian Countries

300 Asian Recipes: Variety Of Delicious Cuisine Dishes from All Asian Countries

Which kind of Asian cuisine is your personal favorite? Are you a fan of Thai spicy orange chicken? Maybe you like Korea’s nutritious soups. Every Asian nation has its cuisine. Try them all and choose your favorite!
The Asian Cookbook is the first of its kind. You will learn over 300+ of the best Asian recipes. If you like Asian cuisine, this is the only cookbook you’ll ever need. Spice up your meals with recipes from Asian nations, including China, Korea, India, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, and more!

Traditional Asian recipes can be healthy. It mainly depends on the ingredients you use. The Asian Cookbook teaches you how to make healthy choices. Asians have healthy diets because they emphasize natural ingredients such as soy protein, whole grains, fresh fruits, fruit & vegetable juices, and vegetable oils. They also reduce their intake of red meat, sugar, fast food, butter, &fried foods.

Your goal in this virtual cooking class is to cook 3 Asian recipes that you selected from the recipes menu. To succeed, choose the recipes correctly. You must like at least 1 Asian recipe from Malaysia, Thailand, or China. One of the Asian recipes that you choose should be spicy and healthy. If you get all three recipes right, your progress will level up. Good luck and enjoy the Asian recipes!

Remember that these recipes are one-of-a-kind, so be open to trying new things. Also, keep in mind that the cooking method in this cookbook is simple. So, even though the dishes will be unique and delicious, they will be simple to prepare!