Zen Is Right Here – Shunryu Suzuki

Zen Is Right Now: More Teaching Stories and Anecdotes of Shunryu Suzuki

In this new collection of quotes from Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and stories from his students, the presence, wisdom, and humor of a great Zen teacher come alive once more.

The teachings of Shunryu Suzuki have served for innumerable people as the gateway to Zen practice and meditation. In Zen Is Right Now, devoted student and biographer David Chadwick sheds new light on Suzuki’s presence and teachings through selected quotes from his lectures and a variety of stories told by his students.

Complementary to another collection about Suzuki, Zen Is Right Here, this book offers a joyful bounty of anecdotes and insights, revealing a playful and deeply wise teacher who delighted in paradox and laughed often. Each of the stories and quotes presented here is an example of the versatile and timeless quality evident in Suzuki’s teaching, showing that the potential for attaining enlightenment exists right now, in this very moment.

Personal stories and anecdotes of the trailblazing Zen teacher Suzuki Roshi—now reissued in hardcover in tandem with the publication of the follow-up volume, Zen Is Right Now.

Shunryu Suzuki’s extraordinary gift for presenting traditional Zen teachings using ordinary language is well known to the countless readers of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. In Zen Is Right Here, his teachings are brought to life through stories told by his students. These living encounters with Zen are poignant, direct, humorous, paradoxical, and enlightening—and their setting in real-life contexts makes them wonderfully accessible.

Like the Buddha himself, Shunryu Suzuki gave profound teachings that were skillfully expressed for each moment, person, and situation he encountered. He emphasized that while the essence of Buddhism is constant, the expression of that essence is always changing. Each of the stories presented here is an example of this versatile and timeless quality, showing that the potential for attaining enlightenment exists right here, at this very place.