Understanding digital marketing The principles of digital marketing

Understanding digital marketing: The principles of digital marketing explained simply and practically

Would you like a book that teaches you about the principles of digital marketing in a simple and practical way?

Then I can highly recommend this book to you. Digital marketing today is much more than Facebook and Instagram marketing. It deals with the principles of online marketing and digital transformation. That’s why this book is suitable for the complete newbie as well as the advanced user. The following topics are covered in this book:

[*] – Business Model innovation
[*] – Summary of the social media landscape
[*] – Video marketing
[*]- Cross-media marketing
[*] – Performance marketing
[*] – Banner designs
[*]- Neuromarketing and conversion rate optimization
[*]- Search Enginge Management
[*] – Targeting
[*] – Crawling
[*] – Google Analytics / Digital Analytics
[*] – KPI
[*]- Marketing Law


Another strength of this book is that each theoretical section is followed by a “best practice” section. Here the topic is taken up again on the basis of a fictitious company and it is explained how this can be implemented. The starting point is always the view of a customer service or customer support department. In this way, it can be quickly shown in which direction online marketing and digital transformation are leading.