love letter to the food of Sicily

Sicilia: A love letter to the food of Sicily

Ben Tish, “Sicilia: A love letter to the food of Sicily”

Sicily is both at once a frugal peasant land with a simple robust cuisine, but also full of ornate glamour and extravagance. A most beautiful and complex contradiction in terms, Ben Tish unlocks the secrets of Sicily’s culture and food within these pages, diving into its diverse tapestry of cultural influences.

Sitting at the heart of the Mediterranean, between east and west, Europe and North Africa, the food of Sicily is full of citrus, almonds and a plethora of spices, mixing harmoniously with the simple indigenous olives, vines and wheat. You’ll find the most delicious, fresh seafood on the coast and mouth-watering meat in land; but the two rarely mix.

Packed full of vibrant flavours, this beautiful collection brings the food of Sicily to your table, with recipes ranging from delicious morsels and fritters to big couscous, rice and pasta dishes and an abundance of granitas, ice creams and desserts, all stunningly photographed. Recipes include:

Saffron arancini

Smoky artichokes with lemon and garlic

Whole roasted squid

Sicilian octopus and chickpea stew

Aubergines stuffed with pork

Roasted pork belly with fennel and sticky quinces

Bitter chocolate torte

Limoncello semifredo

Dive in and experience this unique culinary heritage for yourself, bring the sights and sounds and aromas of this beautiful food to your home.

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