Clean Code Fundamentals

Clean Code Fundamentals : Hands-on Guide to Understand the Fundamentals of Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code in Java

To become a better software developer needs deep of knowledge and practical skills in the field of software development and quality
This book gives an overview and discusses in-depth knowledge for the analysis and improvement of your software code. You will be able to apply principles, patterns, techniques and tools needed to write clean code.

Nothing affects the work of a team as much as bad, illegible, sloppy and quickly written code that has not been designed carefully. Team dynamics can be improved, requirements can be redefined, and the schedule can be modified. However, if bad code takes over, it becomes more and more a burden for the team.

Programmers should develop all the time. Even if they think that they have sufficient skills and knowledge to move around in current projects, they should not stop there, and it is worthwhile for them to learn new concepts, approaches, language and frameworks from time to time. Learning should be a journey and not a destination.

This book discusses the basics of software quality, principles, patterns and best practices of writing better code. It also contains many code examples in Java of increasing complexity. Among other things topics like software metrics, static software testing and tools which can help to measure software quality will be covered.

This is a Forever Edition. That means that the book will see periodic updates, which are free for you. The book will use the latest Java version for the examples provided. New content will be released every 2-3 weeks. The chapter about Design Patterns with new patterns will be updated next.

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